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Understanding the role that breast cancer risk assessment and cancer genetics play in the care of patients in imaging centers enhances the ability to provide comprehensive breast care. This course was created specifically with the mammography tech in mind and aims to provide the breast imaging health professional with the knowledge needed to support comprehensive breast care in the imaging space. Important topics covered in this course include: a detailed overview of breast disease; risk factors for the development of breast cancer, including factors related to imaging; an introduction to cancer genetics with a focus on breast specific genetic conditions; a comprehensive review of breast cancer risk assessment; and recommendations for care based on risk. At the conclusion of the course, the mammography tech will be equipped with new knowledge that will immediately and positively impact the care of the patients they serve.

Speakers include: Ronit Lebor, MS, CGC, Lauren Siems, MS, CGC and Jade Jaramillo, MS, LCGC

Special thanks to Myriad Genetics for partnering with Mammography Educators, so we can bring you this valuable course at a discounted rate.

This information is provided to help answer questions with respect to hereditary cancer risk assessment and hereditary cancer testing. It is general in nature and is not intended to provide a comprehensive, definitive analysis of specific risks. The information provided herein should be taken into consideration with other medical and research information regarding cancer risks, hereditary cancer risks and pre-dispositional cancer testing and risk factors.